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MEANWHILE is an offering, a poem where identity is an experience. In dynamic collaboration, Jacqueline Woodson (text), Meshell Ndegeocello (soundscape), Erika Dilday (support), M. Trevino (structure), and Catherine Gund (direction), combine artistsʼ expressions with historical and observational footage to unveil the profound impact of white supremacy on our human connections. This rare cinematic meditation considers how race, racism, and resistance shape our shared breath, not just in moments of violence but in the enduring, pervasive legacy of that risk.

Paint Me a Road Out of Here

World Premiere at DC/DOX

June 14 - Get your tickets

The 50 year journey of the women at Rikers, and a painting that finally made it out.

PAINT ME A ROAD OUT OF HERE, featuring formerly-incarcerated artist Mary Enoch Elizabeth Baxter, uncovers the whitewashed history of Faith Ringgold’s 1971 painting, “For the Women’s House,” and discovers how its journey from Rikers Island to the Brooklyn Museum is a heartbreaking, funny and true parable for a world without mass incarceration. 

 Name Enid “Fay” Owens, Nancy Sicardo, and Mary Encoh Elizabeth Baxter with "For the Women's House" in PAINT ME A ROAD OUT OF HERE

Angola Do You Hear Us?

Angola Do You Hear Us? Voices from a Plantation Prison

Official Trailer Angola Do You Hear Us? Voices from a Plantation Prison

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