Aubin Films

Pre-1996 Shorts

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Fiscally Sponsored Media Projects

Fiscal Sponsored Projects


Aponte: An Opera
Aponte: An Opera
Being Jezebel
Being Jezebel: Black Women in Sex Work feature documentary
Birthing of a Nation
Birthing of a Nation feature documentary
La Salsa Vive
La Salsa Vive feature documentary
Upcycle image
LOT-EK UPCYCLE documentary feature
Bert Williams - San Francisco (Bushnell).jpeg
Nobody: In Search of Bert Williams and the Emergence of Global Black Cultural Production, experimental documentary
Our Body Politic
Our Body Politic podcast
Pet Gala
Pet Gala documentary feature
South Shore short film poster
South Shore short film
Untitled Gregg Bordowitz project
Untitled Gregg Bordowitz project
Selzer Family Lahore from Salam Shalom
Salam Shalom documentary short