Aubin Films

Pre-1996 Shorts

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  • Object Lessons
  • AIDS Activist Videotape Collection
  • Positive: Life with HIV
  • Cuz It’s a Boy
  • Western Artists/African Art: The Artists Speak
  • Not Just Passing Through B.U.C.K.L.E.
  • Sacred Lies, Civil Truths
  • I’m You, You’re Me: Women Surviving Prison Living With Aids
  • Among Good Christian Peoples
  • DIVA TV Keep Your Laws Off My Body
  • Ends and Means
  • Bleach, Teach, and Outreach
  • Paper Tiger Television

Fiscally Sponsored Media Projects

Fiscal Sponsored Projects


SURGE documentary feature
Our Body Politics
Our Body Politic podcast
Birthing of a Nation
BIRTHing of a Nation feature documentary